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Ethics of the Media

Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health Advocate


Today I wrote the email below to Congressman Tim Murphy, Cc some of the media on it. In the email I attached sound proof of ethical misconduct on the part of my attending psychiatrist. Proof that if the media aired the story they would not be legally be held liable. All too often we hear about the mentally ill being violent but what we don’t hear in the media are stories of trauma that are caused by a broken mental health system. Stories that are held back by the media no matter how much proof you bring to them. I would like to see how ethical the media actually is and if they are willing to expose the truth about psychiatry.


Dear Congressman Murphy,
I am writing to you because on three separate occasions I have called your office over a months period of time to speak with you or your staff about my concerns regarding your mental health bill. I identified myself as being a member of NAMI NYC Metro Young Professional Advisory Board, but not calling on there behalf. Congressman Murphy, I have some serious concerns about your bill and the proposals that you have introduced in it, not only as a person that suffers from a mental illness but as a human being. I feel that you have taken incidents of mass shootings and used them to not only stigmatize people with mental illness, but mislead the public to believe that they are the reason for these shootings which is not accurate. You take ordinary behavior in a child and try to label it as mental illness in much of your debates publicly. This is of much concern not only to me, but more recently Dr. Allen Frances, who was the supervisor of the DSM-IV spoke out and said the same exact thing about psychiatry in general. ( ) For example, You have a piece of your bill where you mandate early intervention services. While I agree with early intervention services this can cause an issue, the behavioral questionnaires being posed in your bills coupled with big pharma is bound to be disastrous and not beneficial. My question to you is these questionnaires are they evidence based? For example, PSC, YPSC etc … Why are we just giving these screenings out to children now? Have you thought about the fact in which the age group of these children who are being administered these screenings, from day to day just because there so young behaviors can change normally and that can affect the results, therefore you may not get accurate results and be misdiagnosing thousands of children and end up overmedicating an epidemic worth.

In the subsection under amendments about HIPPA and FERPA you propose changes so that family members and personal representatives can receive information and communicate with doctors even when a person with a serious mental illness states that they do not want them to. First let me address the language serious mental illness, it is being used all to common and not everyone suffers from it. It should be used selectively and in extreme cases. Second, what about the fact that there are millions of people that suffer from mental illness not the few that you speak about that need this type of treatment. You allow no room for the doctors who are corrupt and unprofessional, who do not care about the patients. Next, where are the added protections put in place to protect people with mental illness? If you are going to lessen the protections and the system is as broken as it is, you need to add more protections. I take my civil rights being violated as well as millions of others very seriously and what your proposing will not only lead to more abuse in the mental health system, but it’s not even fixing or helping anything. I could see if the proposal would actually help, but when you weigh the pros and cons your black and white thinking is actually very harmful to people with mental illness. ( )

I remember hearing about mental health courts when I was getting my associates degree and I thought it was a great idea. People who were criminals would actually get help. Now I see the truth and it’s because I myself was the victim of a doctor who used her authority to hurt me and not help me. Many who are Cc’d on this email would not agree with me that when assisted outpatient treatment is used in a beneficial way it can impact a persons life positively in a dramatic way, but psychiatry has become a business unfortunately and less of trying to help people. Do to this assisted out patient treatment has been abused and thousands of people have been brutally traumatized by it. People have been wrongly diagnosed, forcibly medicated and even more sickening strapped down and forced to have there brain fried by ECT because psychiatrists have become so dishonest and corrupt they no longer see patients as humans they see them as dollar signs. In my situation had there been a independent psychiatric exam with no affiliation of the hospital, paid for by the hospital it would have been stopped even before the papers went into the court, because everything else was falsely documented. You have no right to violate my civil rights or thousands of others. To add insult to injury you don’t even ensure that due process is taking place again by adding protective measures, maybe you should sit down and read stories and again these are only a few of what happens when civil rights are violated.( )

This is just the tip of the iceberg on your bill it has civil rights violations written all over it. I know mental health advocates have called your office including myself and have received no response. This just goes to show us that you would trample all over our civil rights if given the chance. Anytime you speak out on mental health issues it has yet to be seen with fact and is always based upon violence. We have Veterans who should be seeking out mental health treatment, but will not because of fear mongering tactics like yours. I’m not sure what facts your co-sponsors were given when they signed your bill but I hope they are aware that your bill can affect there children as well and they are not exempt.

I have attached the information that I have sent Senator Greg Balls office and which has been forwarded to the Department of Justice for investigation. It is sound proof of Dr. Xiaolei Baran’s professional medical misconduct overseeing my case. It includes a court hearing transcript, the letter to the department of justice asking to properly investigate this case and a five page motion to the Westchester County Supreme Court. Although all of the documentation is not included you are a very smart man and I am sure as someone just looking at this from the public with no knowledge of mental health at all would see that what was said, during the court hearing was completely made up and based upon the five page motion in which direct evidence was taken from medical records one would assume as a doctor in psychology you would be able to draw an ethical conclusion that this psychiatrist was beyond unethical in her profession. My question is What will you do with this information and will you do the right thing as a mental health professional and ensure that this investigation is done with integrity, transparency, proper checks and balances etc..


Yours Truly,

Emily Pierce


In the Matter of Emily Pierce_Transcript-signed-3







My Letter to President Obama asking to STOP the Civil Rights Violations Against People with Mental Illness



President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear President Obama:

As a client of the mental health system in New York State and a sufferer of Major Depressive and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, I would like to express and share with you my experiences, concerns and recommendations on how I have endured the mental health system.

A little background on myself, I am thirty- three years old, live in Northern New York State, I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and am studying to become a Social Worker at Fordham University. I work in retail part-time. I am on the young professional advocacy board for NAMI-NYC Metro and I also in my spare time advocate for those in the mental health system who are not able to advocate for themselves. My legislative mental health advocacy initiatives include reaching out to New York State Senator Greg Ball who is on the Senate Mental Health Committee and asking him to advocate on my behalf to the Department of Justice in requesting to have my case with New York Presbyterian Hospital investigated properly and speaking with Representatives Sean Patrick Maloney Senior Legislative Aide, Ryan Lehman on Gun Control and Mental Health legislation.

Last year in February of 2013 I became very depressed and called my therapist to speak with her. When I did not get an answer I did the next best thing and called the police and expressed how I was feeling. I needed to speak with someone I told them. My cry for help somehow got translated by another police department who was called into “ I wanted to drive my car into a ditch” which was not the case. I was admitted involuntarily to New York Presbyterian Hospital (although I was more than willing to sign myself in) and assigned to Dr. Xiaolei Baran. The very first day I was seen by Dr. Baran she wanted to discharge me, but my therapist told her not to because it was a long weekend and she wanted me to have a safe place to be. I asked Dr. Baran for a medication to help me sleep and she prescribed an antipsychotic medication. I explained to her that I had adverse side effects, for example, agitation, nervousness and suicidal thoughts. Falling on deaf ears Dr. Baran would not order anything else and at the same time she ripped me off of my anti-anxiety medication that I had been on for two years. That weekend I attempted suicide. The Monday that I was supposed to be discharged I was not and when I told Dr. Baran I would no longer take the medication anymore she prescribed another medication in the same family. Reluctantly, I took that medication because I had no choice. With no change in how I was feeling and my symptoms getting worse when I met with her again I told her I would no longer take that medication. She stated to me that if I didn’t take it they would propose ECT and if I didn’t comply they would take me to court. Well I didn’t take the medication, the ECT was proposed and I was taken to court. In order to prove that I needed the ECT Dr. Baran changed my diagnosis from Major Depressive Disorder to Schizoaffective Disorder. I was badgered and harassed by the staff and Dr. Baran in order to try and prove that the new diagnosis was correct. When I did not give in the treatment got worse, I began getting tormented by questioning to prove that I was paranoid. When that didn’t work, they began intruding on my privacy by having the door to my bedroom left open and the door to the bathroom left open while I was showering to see if I would get upset. In court Dr. Baran was allowed to be evasive in her answers and out of line with what was in the medical records, due to this I was sent back to be forcibly medicated. When she got the order from the judge to forcibly medicate me she didn’t even order the medication that she asked for and the medication that she did ask for and prescribed was at an unthereapeutic level when I left the hospital.

After I was discharged from the hospital to add insult to injury I was called into my school ( Fordham University) and told I needed to go through their re-entry process. When I found out what it entailed I began questioning it. I was told that I needed to hand over my entire psychiatric record from the hospital, sign waivers of consent to speak with my treating providers, sign a community provider form that violated the American with disabilities Act, Meet with their counselors and more. When I refused I was told that I could not re-enter even after I sent the school a certified letter which complied with the re-entry process procedure on the schools website. I spent two months speaking with different deans, people in the disabilities office, financial aide office and other offices to try and have them under stand that what they were asking for violated my civil rights and the American with Disabilities Act. I explained to the Dean of Students that if we had not come to some sort of agreement that I felt comfortable with than I would have to file a complaint with the ADA. Eventually I did file that complaint and hired a lawyer to represent me. When I went for mediation with the Fordham lawyers I was told that a representative of New York Presbyterian Hospital had contacted them and told them that I had been involuntarily committed, forced to take medication and was going to be there for three weeks and that is why they were requesting that information. I quickly told them that I signed no HIPPA consent form for anyone at the hospital to be speaking with them. Now it is over a year later and I am waiting on a decision from the Office of Civil Rights.

Since last year I have filed complaints with the office of professional misconduct, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman and the Department of Justice. I have addressed the Westchester County Supreme Mental Health Court Pro Se requesting that all records be corrected. Although each time I included medical records and the official court hearing transcript as proof of my statements the complaints went unfounded or dismissed.

My concerns President Obama are that we have a broken Mental Health System that is not being fixed accordingly. You have a bill being proposed by Congressman Tim Murphy HR3717 The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act which violates the HIPPA Privacy Protections, Civil Rights of People with mental illness, Stigmatizes the disease more and bases everything off of the incident in Newtown Ct, where in the criminal investigation it was deemed that Adam Lanza mental health had nothing or little to do with the crime. If you look at the bill closer the very positions that are being created and the qualifications for those positions have direct conflict with Big Pharma and other industries, there is no transparency. Where are the checks and balances? Perhaps what happened to me would not have happened if there were an independent psychiatric exam with a psychiatrist not affiliated with the hospital. The judges in these mental health courts have no background in mental health and defer to the professionals, not thinking twice that maybe they could be wrong.   Again there is no transparency or checks and balances!

Cases like mine are not uncommon, they occur all the time. I witnessed it happening to other patients while it was happening to me, but it was unfortunate for them that they could not advocate for themselves and now are in places like Manhattan State Hospital. If your administration is truly looking to “fix” and “reform” the mental health system you need to take a hard look at your own members of congress that your allowing to pass these laws violating our constitutional rights and why it’s happening, begin to put an end to the pharmaceutical industry doing direct business with psychiatry and have an impartial liaison do the communication, have checks and balances throughout the process of judiciary involuntary commitment which begins at the point where the doctor wants to get a court order and files the paper work and stop the media from stigmatizing the mentally ill as violent associated with guns when it’s not evidence based. This is only a short list of what the beginning would look like if your administration were serious about reform in the mental health system. There are thousands if not more than that of cases like mine and far worse. We are no different than the people who are diagnosed with cancer and should be treated as such. Our civil rights should not be encroached upon because of politics.

In closing, I ask that you really look at the house bills like HR3717 and answer this question for yourself, If I truly had all of the facts from an unbiased source in front of me, considering that there are millions of Americans that suffer from mental illness would it be fair to infringe upon the civil rights of all of them because of the few whose symptoms sometimes act up?


Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. I look forward to a response from you or your administration.


Yours Truly,

Emily Pierce


The Time is Now that We All Come Together and Take A Stand

Early Last week I spoke with one of Congressman Barbers Senior Aide’s about the collaboration of the Murphy/Barber bill. I got off the phone very pleased with the conversation. I raised a few concerns and all were addressed with detail and too my surprise his aide was very well educated in the realm of mental health. I want to make this clear up front I don’t believe a thing I hear until I see it actually happen. My dad always told me growing up Actions speak louder than words.
The first concern I raised was why in the legislation proposed was there all forced treatment and no protections for people with mental illness? I said I understand this is not part of Ron Barbers bill but he did have a meeting with Rep Tim Murphy.
The response I was given was that Representative Ron Barber will not and does not support any of the forced treatment aspect of Representative Tim Murphys Bill, this includes HIPPA. The meeting that they had was to see what the two bills had in common but it seems that there isn’t hope for any comprimise as Representative Tim Murphy is not sincere on any level.
I pushed the subject of forced treatment a little further and I asked if they were aware of the thousands of people with mental illness who are and have been abused in the current system even with the protections in place. Why they haven’t proposed any new alternatives to protect such vulnerable individuals and ensure that there civil rights are not being violated. To my surprise Representative Barbers office has worked with ACLU and other civil liberty organizations that I can not think of, that were mentioned to ensure and investigate new laws to put in place to protect the civil rights of people with mental illness. I continued and said, are you aware that many organizations even NAMI are backed by pharmaceutical companies which is a huge conflict of interest and makes it difficult for them to advocate the right way for individuals with mental illness. Rep Ron Barbers Senior aide said, this is complicated it has to do with money and politics in Washington and it will take a long time to get through the house.It will not happen in this congress and maybe not the next, but it is a work in progress.

The last thing I mentioned which I have heard is that the part of Rep Ron Barbers bill that has upset people and brought a lot of outrage is the part of early intervention with children. I explained that our concern is that there would be an increase in diagnosing and medicating of children. The response I was given is that there is no legislation on this, it is a white house initiative that had to be put in the bill. They are currently working with the American Pediatrics Association and doing an ongoing study to see if this legislation is beneficial or harmful. They have worked with youth and children advocates and understand the concern.

I am not ready to say that I believe what I was told, like anything the Senior Aide I spoke with sounded very sincere, did not rush me off the phone, listened to our concerns, was very well educated on the matter at hand and wanted to keep in touch with me so that I could possibly be involved in helping with legislation in the future.
Remember, things take time, we need to keep up the pressure they have been getting hundreds of calls maybe they are actually responding to them. We can do this!!!


**** Just an FYI this is not verbatim it is from memory of the conversation so please do not quote anything. ***


Representative Tim Murphy is still trying to push his bill through the house #HR3717. The American people need to understand that this bill will not just affect the civil rights of people with mental illness, this will effect the general public. For example, one part of the bill is the Prioritization of Integration of Services of Early Diagnosis and Intervention.  There was a recent case in a New Jersey Public school where a 7th or 8th grader was twirling a pencil and a classmate yelled out he was making motions with the pencil like a gun. The kid was pulled out of class, suspended, had to undergo a five hour psychiatric evaluation at a hospital and when the father went to object because his child never had a psychiatric problem in his life the school threatened or actually did call Child Protection Services to take away his child. If Representative Murphys Bill would be passed kids through out the country would begin to undergo major trauma from being scrutinzed by teachers, professionals, police officers etc.. the increase in diagnosis and medication would sky rocket and parents who fought the system would have their child taken away. Children who never had a psychiatric diagnosis before would now be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis from people who don’t have the proper education. If you look at that young boy from New Jersey his classmate accused him of doing something and it got him a five hour psychiatric exam. We need to wake up.

NJ Boy Twirls a Pencil and is sent for a five hour psychiatric exam


Mental Health Civil Rights Protest is now on WordPress.Com




I am the Co-Organizer of what myself and many other mental health advoactes believe will be a very big movement in the mental health community towards re-gaining our civil rights back.

The Mental Health Civil Rights Protest is a peaceful civil rights movement demanding an end to the civil rights violations and discrimination against people who have been given a psychiatric label; demanding that people with lived experience be the architects of our mental health system, and be treated as equals in the mental health system as well as this society; that people in emotional distress be allowed choice in treatment, including the right to refuse to treatment.

We now have a wordpress page please follow us to get updates and since we are self supporting and in October will be having a large protest in Washington D.C. we do need donations for travel, water, permit fees, set up etc…  No donation is too small and is appreciated.

Don’t Go Wobbly on Mental Illness Representative Tim Murphy!

” Don’t go wobbly on mental illness Representative Tim Murphy.” is the name of the article speaking about #HR3717 Rep Tim Murphys mental health care bill which he has been trying to push relentlessly the past six months through the house, but apparently it failed. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard on twitter about Tim Murphy doing news interviews on mass shootings trying to promote his bill or stigmatizing our veterans with the #notonemore and I turned to my boyfriend and said, ” He must have lost the battle.”

Indeed Representative Tim Murphy did loose the battle in trying to get his full mental health care bill passed by the house of representatives. While some pieces ( the non- controversial parts) will be adopted the ones like HIPPA amendments, universal system to track people with mental illness from county to county, state to state, the Assisted Outpatient Treatment piece of it will not be passed because it ” would cause an ineffective federal bureaucracy to do the job.”

My feelings not just because it would cause a war on capital hill but because people with mental illness are starting to come out of the wood works protesting their rights against psychiatry and the abuse that has been done to them, the civil rights violations that still occur and they no longer will stand to be silenced. The protest that will take place on October 2, 2014 at a place to be determined in Washington, D.C. will hopefully have not just people with mental illness, but people who have been newly educated about the abuse that has taken place at the hands of their tax dollars, the government and professionals who have been protected by the goverment set up to protect people with mental illness. I am the Co- Organizer of this grassroots movement and you can join this movement by liking us on Facebook or twitter . You can also volunteer for various positions we have open and you can email myself at or the Organizer Jeannie Peschier at .

There is also a new Blog Talk Radio show seven days a week from 9pm – 10:30pm with great information about the mental health system and how it affects tax payers, the stories of abuse, current events in politics and mental health plus more.. You can call in and join on the conversation to talk and ask questions also. There are special guest speakers that will appear! Its called Talk with Tenney on Blog Talk Radio

Article Reference : - Don’t Go Wobbly on Mental Illness

Mental Health Civil RIghts Protest

I am now the Co-Organizer of what I feel will be a very successful movement towards change in our mental health system. The mental health system. Much like the FreeJustina Campaign which gained national attention we will be doing twitter storms, peaceful protests outside Governor Cuomo’s Office and other politicans office across the country leading up to hopefully thousands gathering in Washington D.C. on October 2nd for a March to one of the monuments. The Mental Health system as seen in my case has failed many people. It has no checks and balances. It has turned into a business for the pharmacetecal industry to feed the doctors pockets. The mental health courts as in my case again have proven to be corrupt and unjust. Our Civilrights have been violated time and time again with no transperency by the Department of Justice.

Our Facebook Page is and twitter handle please join us weekly for twitter storms on Sundays at 7pm.