SAMSHA ” National Wellness Week ” Thank You

Dear Dr. Fuller Torrey,

As a client of the mental health system, a person who suffers from major depression, I want to share my experiences with you and how absurd I feel you sound in your article The Ridiculous ” National Wellness Week” . I have thankfully lived through a few suicide attempts. I have been able to recieve help in forms of medication and psycho-therapy. I use activities like exercise, relaxation techniques, taking long walks with my dog, listening to music, watching my favorite movie, treating myself to something special and a lot more to keep physical, emotional, financially, socially and spiritually well. The very brochores you speak about that SAMSHA has made are the ones that are passed around in DBT, ( dialectical behavioral therapy) CBT  ( Cognitive behavioral therapy) and are promoted in groups like WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan .

It seems to me that since you are the one who wrote Representative Tim Murphys  ( Helping Families in Crisis Mental Health Act ) bill #HR3717 and in it want to cut SAMSHA, any opportunity to criticize their efforts to improve mental health care or help people with mental illness you do. The treatment that you propose which is forcing the mentally ill to take psychotropic medications, long term state hospital care  and Assisted Out Patient Treatment which is issued only by a judge has proven not to be effective. The studies put out that show it is effective are by agencies that have a clear interest in this type of programing. To name a few that I pulled up in a search crime , treatment advocacy center and NYS Office of Mental Health .  Law enforcement will always have an interest in any treatment where they do not need to deal with the mentally ill , The treatment advocacy center is ran by yourself  and the NYS Office of Mental Health is one of the most corrupt agencies I have ever encountered.

SAMSHA’s efforts to promote mental wellness and teach people with mental illness how to care for themselves other than taking psychiatric drugs is commendable. Even a person who is schizophrenic needs to learn how to love themselves and would benefit from their pamphelets and ways to keep themselves well.

It is truly sad to see that you are a psychiatrist and appear to be completely against any type of treatment that promotes self- awareness , therapy that doesn’t include drugs , long term state care or forced treatment. There are many people who suffer from serious mental illness that lead very successful lives and are not forced into treatment. You fail to note any of this along with your colleague Representative Tim Murphy. Of course this would defeat your point in your bill that people with serious mental illness are violent and need to be controlled.

Yours Truly,


Emily Pierce

Strengthening Mental Health in Our Communities Act of 2014 #HR4574

There is no argument that we need mental health reform. In the begining we know it will not be perfect and we will need to work on it for years to come. The question is as clients of the mental health system do we want to start out with mental health reform that is so restrictive it violates our civil rights and further sets us back to where we don’t want to be or do we want to begin with a bill that can be molded into what a comprehensive productive mental health system looks like.

Everyone has heard about Representative Tim Murphys mental health bill the Helping families in crisis mental health act. Have you heard about Representative Ron Barbers bill the Strengthening Mental Health in Our Communities Act of 2014. If you look at the two titles of each bill right away you see that Represenative Tim Murphy is interested in helping the families of people with mental illness, not people with mental illness in particular. Representative Ron Barber wants to help our communities and strengthen mental health as a whole within them. That’s a big difference. Each bill covers suicide prevention, medicaid and medicare coverage, mental health and veterans, criminal justice and mental health, early intervention and more… The difference between the two is that Representative Ron Barber wants input from the clients of the mental health system, transparency, checks and balances and protections. Representative Tim Murphy writes one-hundred and thirty-five pages so the professionals have all the control, the clients have no say, there is no over sight, checks or balances and the very little that is are done by the people within the same agencies.

This has become a republican vs democrat topic and it should not be. Congress should be aware of Representative Ron Barbers bill just like they are aware of Representive Tim Murphys. Just because Representative Tim Murphy had Dr. Torry Fuller write  his bill for him and it’s 135 pages in length doesn’t mean it’s any better than Representative Ron Barbers, in fact Dr. Fuller is in favor of Assisted Out Patient Treatment, Forced drugging, long hospitalization stays and the very civil rights violations that I am afforded by our constitution.

Please take a moment and read the brief overview of Representative Ron Barbers Mental Health Bill #HR4574 and call your congress person today and encourage them to co-sponsor it. This is the right track for mental health!

Summary of HR4574 – Strengthening Mental Health in Our Communities Act of 2014

What happened to that post on Facebook???

I posted a while back about the deceitfulness of Congressman Tim Murphy to the public and how on his facebook page I had made a public comment(s) and it was visible to me but not to the public. Today on Fox News it was reported that Facebook is doing an experiment with disappearing posts that is only available in certain areas. Read More here…

Recently, I posted a comment on his page about how our Veterans coming home would be worse off if his bill was passed in the house. A portion of his bill would implement a special court stigmatizing their behavior by associating it with a ” Veterans Treatment Court Program ” The Veterans treatment court program would be a collaboration of the criminal justice, mental health, veterans and substance abuse agencies. It would include ” intensive judicial supervision and case management, which could include random and frequent drug testing when appropriate.  This is where it gets very hairy and dicey it would also include a full continum of treatment services, including mental health services, medical services and services to address trauma. That portion ” a full continium of treatment services” sounds like to me this court which is being proposed is like Assistant Out Patient Treatment.  The link will send you to an article which will explain to you the development of the AOT program.

Our Troops go to war and no doubt see traumatic and experience traumatic situations. When they come back from war they should not have to worry about being faced with a ” Veterans Court Program ” which will turn them into a criminal and force them into treatment. My point on Representative Murphys page was that our troops are already not seeking help because of the fear of loosing their 2nd amendment rights and stigma of mental health. His bill only enforces the two. His bill will increase suicides amongst the veterans and mental health diagnoses.

As I stated in a previous post why are we allowing a public elected official to try and trample on our civil rights. We live in a country known for Freedom and Rights. What Representative Murphy is being allowed to do in the public eye and be deceitful at that is shameful and disgusting for every organization and person that supports it.

This is a picture of my friends facebook page showing Rep Murphys facebook and my post removed from public view

This is a picture of my friends facebook page showing Rep Murphys facebook and my post removed from public view

This is my friends FB page showing Rep Murphys fb and my removed from the public view

This is my friends FB page showing Rep Murphys fb and my removed from the public view

My Comment showing on my fb page

My Comment showing on my fb page


We need to start doing something about our own mental health and take responsibility. Goverment should not be dictating to us what will happen in our care.  They wouldn’t and aren’t going to do it for people who suffer from any other disease and they shouldn’t and can’t do it because we suffer from a mental illness. Call your congress person and Representatives today tell them to VOTE NO to HR3717 The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

Mental Health Awareness & Pay It Forward

I have been trying to figure out a way to raise #mentalhealth awareness. After rattling my brain for a while I came up with a great idea and put it to the test.

Today I went into the New Cannan Ct Starbucks and #paiditforward without saying anything but buying a 10.00 gift card and telling the cashier I was paying it forward to the next customer. The customer was so happy and I was too!

Some may be wondering how this will raise Mental Health Awareness well obviously thousands of others need to do it also and like the ALS challenge people need to be nominated.

The only thing is you will need to take a picture of your receipt that you actually paid it forward or have someone record you. Unfortunately, I never got my receipt.

In the next 24hrs I nominate Jen Jennifer Kalaj , Gabriella Rodriguez , Leah Harris , Jessica Kong , Jason Eberhard , Adam Slosberg to pay it forward . There is no set dollar amount.

Anyone can begin this on their own by going into a coffee shop and paying it forward then going onto facebook and nominating people but they must post  with proof that they paid it forward. If you feel comfortable mention that your doing it for Mental Health Awareness but please make sure that when your posting on social media that you include the hashtag mental health in your post so people know why your paying it forward.

My Story and the Lack of Transperency in the Main Stream Media

It’s 1 AM and I am awake with saddness in my heart. Over the past week I have watched a community in Missouri deteriorate because of a young black man being shot by the police. It quickly grew out of control and the media flew to cover the madness . The President of the United States, Department of Justice, FBI and many law enforcement agencies being used as resources. The incident being tried in the court of public opinion. 

I have often wondered why the main stream media has not picked up my story. It can’t be because of the lack of evidence, ” hook to the story ” as some may call it or even interest of viewers. Between my google site and wordpress I have had almost 90,000 views in one year and a half. It hurts every time I see someones mental health story being aired in the media ” the select few ” because as hard as I have worked not only for myself, but in the long run to ensure change in our mental health system not one main stream media station has reached out.

It’s sad to think that the media would ignore a story where a renowned hospital like New York Presbyterian has a psychiatrist on staff abusing their authority, the patients, traumatizing their patience and going above and beyond to ruin a patients life by falsifying medical records. In addition, this is fueled by the management in the hospital that allows it. This doctor works with some of the most vulnerable people, people with mental illness and she is allowed to outright abuse them because she knows she works for a hospital where the media will not pick up the story and her job is safe. 

The public that reads my story knows that what was done to me was uncomprehensionable as one person said, so why hasn’t the media picked up my story??? I will tell you why I think they haven’t. They are fearful because New York Presbyterian Hospital is so well known and has it’s own TV show, commercials etc.., Fordham University has a reputation which is remarkable and countless connections because of it’s political graduates. The thing is that nothing will change in our mental health system ever if no one is brave enough to take on a story like mine and call it out as it is.

Right now, New York Presbyterian is under investigation by the department of justice, Fordham University is under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education. It’s not everyday that a hospital complaint is sent to the Executive office for the attorney general of the united states. It has been a little over a year and with so much more that has gone on no media coverage. Read More of My Story Here 

Monster: A Narration of Mental Health Discrimination at Fordham


I hope you are doing better. I suffer from major depression and understand all too well how you feel. I also am a student at Fordham University and am going through the discrimination that you faced or type of discrimination you faced. I hope that you stood up to Fordham. No student should face a punishment because of a mental illness or any disease. Please feel free to contact me at . I would like to connect.

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Freshman details just how helpful the administration is not
Pria Islam


I sat for minutes, for hours, for days, frozen in time, paralyzed. The world had pulled a lens over my eyes, muting my vision. It was dull. The cruelest part is not that I could not move, but that I saw the universe moving on without me…

Your brain is the epicenter of every function that your body performs. From your motor skills to thought processes, it is what makes you what you are. Your arm controls your movement to the extent that you can hold and lift things. If you break your arm, you lose that ability. In this way, if your brain is sick, then you lose the ability to function.

When I entered Fordham University in August 2012, I had already been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I was attending therapy and taking a range of…

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Dr. Keith Ablow – Fox Five Contributor

Dear Dr. Keith Ablow,

I am utterly shocked at your article on how to fix our broken mental health system. As a practicing psychiatrist your immediate answer to confine an individual by court order or place them in a hospital and design a system to violate people with mental illness civil rights is extremely concerning. I would like to first comment on the term serious mental illness and how lacksadasicale you are on using that. In your article you throw that term around as if everyone has it and would design a ” reformed ” mental health system around people with this type of disorder. Second, You mention nothing of protecting people with mental illness in a system where the psychiatrists are corrupt by the pharmaceutical system, but have no problem forcing drugs on the patients. How Dr. Ablow is having zombies walking the streets and ” professionals ” like teachers making referrals with no mental health background to mental health centers going to reform our mental health system? The last thing I want to mention is the stigma you add and false sense of violence that people with mental illness are violent when studies show they are no more violent than someone without the disease.

Let me share with you my story. I suffer from major depression. I was very disappointed to hear yet another psychiatrist and mental health professional yield to this sort of treatment. It is inhumane and people with mental illness are like everyone else. We wouldn’t take civil rights away from someone with cancer or diabetes so why mental illness. The need for involuntary treatment is neccessary, but should never be a standard operation. What the mental health system needs is a combination of mental health professionals who have compassion, good therapy, medication if required, checks and balances, transparency and a legitimate heiracrhy with no conflicts to over see everyone and everything to ensure the protection of people with mental illness and that mental health professionals are staying honest and work with integrity. 


Emily Pierce