South Salem’s Resident Mental Health Rights trampled by Mental Health System ( The Westchester Guardian)


You can read my story on page 9 of The Westchester Guardian by clicking here

I was at the gym when I recieved the email from Rich Monetti of The Westchester Guardian that my story was on page 9. I gasped and tears came to the surface of my eyes. For the first time in over a year I felt a sense that something was being done for the violations of my rights and the trauma I have suffered at the hands of psychiatrist Dr. Xiaolei Baran who works for New York Presbyterian Hospital. Since the day I left New York Hospital I knew that change needed to exist in our mental health system and the only way it was going to happen was if someone spoke up. The grueling, emotional process over the past year has been financially taxing on me. It has tested every relationship, it has made me have to publish documents that no one should have to in order for people to see what actually is done to a person who suffers from a mental illness and how their civil rights are violated, the very thing that means the most to me my career was destroyed because of the release of information without my permission by New York Presbyterian Hosptial to my school. Advocating for myself has been torturous in New Yorks mental health system, the months it takes to recieve a response, the lack of communication, the politics and games that are played between goverment agencies is utterly disgusting. There are no checks and balances as seen with Dr. Xiaolei Baran and the Judge who presided over my case in the Westchester County Supreme Mental Health Court. ( Judge Emmett Murphy) I was treated like a criminal, my brain was literally plea bargained. My attorney wanted an independent psychiatric exam and the attorney for NYPH said, ” We will take ECT off the table if you take the independent psych exam off” obviously it wasn’t all that important to my wellbeing.

What is important now is that change occurs and that is why I have taken a over a year out of my life and began a grueling process, that embarked me through constant nightmares, endless debt, re-traumaitatization and has lead me to meet wonderful new people. There is a positive side and could be a positive outcome to this if the public reads this article and realizes that they can help make sure that this never happens to a family member, friend, loved one or even a stranger who suffers from mental illness. After all we are human and deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and have our privacy and rights protected. If this happened to someone who suffers from cancer than we would be outraged and the public response would be at large, we need to do the same here.

You can contact

Governor Cuomo’s Office by

phone at (518) 474-8390 or send a letter to

Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Senator Greg Ball

1441 Route 22 Suite 205

Brewster, NY 10509
United States
Phone: (845) 279-3773
Fax: (845) 279-7156

A large response to these polticians is what will make change happen write, call or email.


Dear First Lady Michele Obama- In response to the letter to Kanye West


Dear Michele Obama,

       Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Emily Pierce, you know a citizen of the United States of America where your husband Barack Obama is President. It isn’t everyday I get a chance to read a letter that the First lady writes to a celebrity because she is in a pissing war with Kanye West over classism. Actually I find it rather unclassy and unbecoming of the First Lady to even respond publicly to such garbage like Kanyes comments in vogue. Are there not more pressing matters for you to turn your attention to? Is this why our country is turning into shambles? 

      I woke up this morning and still read about a fifteen year old girl named Justina Pelletier, who is currently in Boston Massacheusts Department of Children’s and Family Services custody and previously was in Boston Children’s Psychiatric Hospital because of a disagreement between her personal doctors from Tufts medical center who diagnosed her with mitochondrial disease and the young psychologist and neurologist who knew nothing about mitochondrial disease and diagnosed her with somatoform which is a psychiatric disorder. Mr. and Mrs Pelletiers parental rights were stripped from them within days of bringing her to Boston Children’s because they were trying to get their daughter help and Boston Childrens had another plan for Justina. Well that plan failed and Justina is now paralyzed from the waste down, has lost control of her bodily movements from the waste up, has reciding hairline and gum lines. Prior to being admitted to Boston Childrens against her will ( mind you Justina was not an immenient danger to herself or others) she was competing in figure skating, enjoying time with family and friends, attending school and normal activities. Now Mrs. Obama let me ask you, if Justina’s parents were truly neglectful of her care one would think that she would get better in the custody of DCF not worse.

     Mrs. Obama, do you think Justina cares about your war with Kanye or do you think she cares about you making a difference in her life and getting her back home with her parents? This is one of your jobs as the First Lady correct? I don’t recall that in the First Ladies job description having a public pissing match with a celebrity who has no class is a duty.

      Hmmm… It’s funny you should choose the word classism. Your husband Barack Obama sure knows how to class the mentally ill together and stigmatize them. Maybe if you were concentrating on the civil rights of people with mental illness and making sure that they were not being discriminated against and being treated with respect then Justina would not be in the perdiciment she is in. After all a psychiatrist who thinks that they can falsify court records and get away with it, doesn’t just wake up one day and come up with the idea they know that they will get away with it. Just as you Mrs. Obama wake up in the White House every morning and have duties to our country and one of them are too protect people based on class as you have stated yourself. So what I might ask now is will you live up to your duties of a First Lady and stop the pissing match with our celebrities and concentrate on Freeing Justina Pelletier who needs the advocacy of the White House.

Yours Truly,


Emily Pierce


Dear Senator Greg Ball ( R-NY) – Advocating for Justina Pelletier

Senator Greg Ball

1441 Route 22 Suite 205

Brewster, NY 10509

Phone: (845) 279-3773

Fax: (845) 279-7156


Dear Senator Ball:

            This past January I wrote your office and requested that you write a letter on my behalf to the Department of Justice asking them to properly investigate the matter that occurred and involved civil rights violations, medical misconduct and emotional abuse by New York Presbyterian Hospital and attending psychiatrist Dr. Xiaolei Baran. You responded by writing a letter to the Department of Justice asking them to investigate this matter. I have followed up after that with your staff and they assured me that your office would be taking another step if there were no response from the Department of Justice. About a month after that conversation, four months after my initial correspondence with the Department of Justice I received a letter acknowledging my correspondence. After receiving that response I waited two weeks until I sent an email to your staff that I was told to contact about this case. I asked if that staff could please get back to me and advise me on what your office has done since the time we spoke on following up with the Department of Justice.


          From the time that I sent that email and I learned about a similar case like mine in Boston Massachusetts I have been raising awareness about Justina Pelletier’s case of medical misconduct, civil rights violations, emotional abuse, parental rights violations and more on your Facebook page and by writing to your office. Justina, unlike me is a fifteen-year-old child who can not advocate for herself and I felt since there is a case similar in circumstance sitting in your office and appear to be collecting dust you could put it to good use and advocate for her. It is not just myself, who finds what is being done to Justina Pelletier to be inhumane and egregious. That’s an understatement and putting it kindly. There are over 35,000 people joining in on the effort and a lot who are contacting their representatives and I have yet to hear that they were blocked from their representatives Facebook because they were spreading awareness, not inappropriately may I add about a child abuse/neglect case and scandal at the hands of psychiatry, the Boston Massachusetts juvenile courts, Boston children’s hospital and Department of family and Children’s. I even posted a letter that confirmed what I was saying by a nurse Kathleen Higgins RN who worked with Justina on Bader 5 at Boston Children’s Psychiatric Hospital.


            You are and remain on the New York State Senate Mental Health Committee, but never have I heard you advocate for people with mental illness. The challenges that they face in the State of New York and what needs to be fixed in the system in order for one of the most vulnerable populations to be protected from abuse and get the adequate care they need. My case as I have said like a broken record does not lack evidence on how corrupt psychiatry is in the State of New York and how the rights of a person with mental illness has little to no rights once a psychiatrist puts pen to paper. It proves that no matter how competent one is that the prestige of a hospital and the endless flow of money being supplied to the Westchester County Supreme Mental Health Courts is what dictate whether or not you will walk out a free person. Like Justina Pelletier I was treated like a number even after hiring one of the most prominent mental health attorneys in the State of New York, Carolyn Wolf. I was treated like a criminal and the price tag of my brain (electro shock therapy) was plea-bargained for not getting an independent psychiatric exam that would prove that Dr. Baran was a fraud. The way it was explained to me was that if I didn’t do that and, the likelihood of the request for forced treatment would have been granted, regardless of how competent I was according to my attorney. That I would have been forced to undergo the electro shock treatment if I didn’t forgo my right to an independent psychiatric exam.


            Senator Ball, I am respectfully requesting that as your constituent that you not only rethink advocating for Justina Pelletier, but you take the information you already have on my case and you really think about what you have read about the torture I faced and ask yourself, What if Justina was my child? What would I want any representative of another state to do for her? What if Emily’s situation was a close friend of family members or mine and you had the power to advocate and get the work done. Sometimes when it’s not our problem we can distance ourselves from it but when we think about it in a more humane way it becomes more surreal.


Yours Truly,


Emily Pierce

Update- A letter from Kathaleen Higgins worked with Justina Pelletier at Boston Childrens Psychiatric Center


I apologize for those who visited my site and were not able to see Kathaleen Higgins letter due to the URL being typed incorrectly, it is now fixed and ready to be viewed under the blog A letter from Kathaleen Higgins worked with Justina Pelletier at Boston Childrens Psychiatric Center.

A letter from Kathleen Higgins worked with Justina Pelletier at Boston Childrens Psychiatric Center




I am in utter shock and don’t know why. After being tortured myself at a prominent psychiatric hospital like New York Presbyterian one would think this would come of no surprise. I got half way through this letter and broke down in tears and could no longer read the letter. I only wish that a nurse would have been so brave at NYPH as to due what was write and report the “torture” I was undergoing. Justina Pelletier is a child and one can’t imagine how frightened she must be. This must be a wake up call to the Department of Justice that the polices and legislation on testimony of psychiatrists and rights of patients and parents and who is appointed to a mental health judge be looked at and revised. This has happened for too long and too many children, families, adults have been sacrificed at both the hands of the courts, psychiatric system and psychiatric professionals. We as a country should be outraged that a state can get away with “torturing” a human being none the less a child and family the way they have. I will not stop advocating until the laws are looked at and revised and humanity is restored in the psychiatric system. I hope that all of you reading this get as outraged and do the same. The #FreeJustina storm must clean house in every state and continue into Washington D.C..

This is the letter to Kathleen Higgins RN Boston Childrens

Dear President Obama- On the topic of #JustinaPelletier



Dear President Obama,

I know you watch Fox News and have heard about #JustinaPelletier. Yeah you know that girl who was taken away from loving parents because they wanted to get her help when she was sick. Last night I laid awake thinking what if that happened to your daughter? What would you do? How would you feel? That would never happen right?? because YOU are the worlds most powerful man! While I’m on that subject, have you ever thought about using that power for the greater good and not just for political or self-serving purposes. What would Sasha and Malia think if they knew you were doing nothing to help a young girl who was being abused and tortured in a hospital? How would they think of their dad? One day they will grow up and hear all of the things you shelter them from. There great kids and Michele does a wonderful job at instilling morals and values in them.

Now back to #JustinaPelletier yeah that girl again, the one who was forced out of her parents custody by Massacheusts Department of Childrens and family services and Judge Johnston. Do you know there was a gag order put on the parents and there visitation is limited to 1hr a week? There constitutional rights, which you swore to protect and defend were violated when Judge Johnston kicked them out of the courtroom while a psychiatrist and psychologist were testifying. What would you do if Michele collapsed in a courtroom because the stress of seeing her child abused she couldn’t bare any longer and the fight was so long and hard it took a psyhical toll on her body? This is the psychiatric system you defend in your gun control agenda and want to allow psychiatrists to run rampid to just do what they please. Well a psychiatrist and psychologist made up a story for their own agenda and are killing a whole family and a innocent little girl.

I can only hope that you hear the citizens cries for help from your country that you lead to get involved in #JustinaPelletiers case and do everything in your power to rectify and investigate the matter and bring every person to justice that was involved. Hope is actually not going to help Justina ACTION is President Obama ACTION on your part and the state of massacheussets governor.


Emily Pierce

New #FreeJustina flyer to create Awareness

New #FreeJustina flyer to create Awareness

#FreeJustina Flyer to post and create awareness

Free Justina Petellier

Free Justina Petellier

There is a massive movement around the country to gain awareness about Justina Petellier. I am organizing a rally up in Boston Massachuesets, the location of the rally may change and date also. Please go to to find out what you can do to help #FreeJustina.



There is a grassroots effort going on to #FreeJustina Pelletier at Boston Childrens Hospital. Justina is a 15 yr old girl who is suffering from a rare medical condition and was taken from her parents from Massacheusets Department of Children’s family when the psychiatrists at Boston’s children’s said, she did not have a rare medical condition named midochondrial disease and instead had a psychiatric disorder that was all in her head.

I will be posting a flyer soon with event details for a rally in Boston, Massacheusts on or about April 10, 2014. I encourage people no matter where you live to join in this rally and stand with Justina’s family to tell Boston Childrens Hospital that it is not okay to create false psychiatric diagnosis, harm a child and take Justina from a loving family by court order.

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